Community Profiling, Planning & Development

community-profilingKey services

  • Community demographic profiling
  • Community-led planning for service delivery extension, collaboration and integration
  • Community development, needs assessments and feasibility studies

A community profile is the bringing together of all relevant data sets regarding a specific community of place, for example a town or local government area, or a community of interest, for example children aged 0-18 years and their families.

The profile presents the demographic, social and economic context of the ‘community’ and is a powerful tool in enabling planning and advocacy. At Local Logic Place we work with communities to create profiles that draw together all available statistical data scaffolded by all local research and anecdotal data to give a full and accurate ‘picture’ of the community. Our profiles are powerful, accessible and well explained.

WORK LINK Mildura State of our Children.

Community planning is a process that involves understanding and responding to new or existing community aspirations, challenges and needs through the provision of timely and accessible facilities and services. At Local Logic Place we recognise that social planning practices must be localised and responsive, ensuring that decisions respond to the impacts that social trends and world events have on communities. We ensure community needs are integrated into the planning process from first principals.

We also work with communities to identify their strengths, weaknesses and aspirations and assist them to create plans for making their towns and municipalities liveable and vibrant.

WORK LINK Robinvale ISD and REYN Review

Community Development at Local Logic Place we understand that community development can be an overwhelming task, especially for small rural communities. With this in mind Local Logic Place works with community members to facilitate an agreed vision of their future and activate all stakeholders in the achievement of this vision. Local Logic Place understands the nuances of respectful community engagement and specialises in community consultation that engages the whole of community ensuring long term support for, and ownership of, any project.

Local Logic Place can also provide communities with support in needs assessments and feasibility studies. Our methodology for undertaking feasibility studies includes not only analysis and evaluation of a proposed project to determine technical and financial feasibility but also social feasibility, ensuring community development is both socially equitable and financially viable. For rural communities especially the social equity component is critical is securing philanthropic and government support. 

WORK LINK Ouyen Independent Living Units Feasibility Study

Examples of Our Work and Links

  • Swan Hill Rural City Council (2007) Child & Youth Friendly Charter
  • Kerang Community Plan (2013)
  • Mooroopna Community Plan(2010)
  • Baddaginnie Community Plan (2009)
  • Balranald Shire Council (2008), Social & Community Plan
  • Swan Hill Rural City Council & Balranald Shire Council (2008-2009) Drought Social Recovery Plan
  • Evaluation of Gannawarra Shire’s Community Planning Initiative (2011)
  • Robinvale District Health Service (2012), Community profile
  • Sunraysia Community Health Services Ltd (2013), Profile of Regions
  • Swan Hill Community Centre Project Feasibility Study (2008)
  • Mallee Track Advancing Country Towns Initiative (2014), Ouyen Independent Living Feasibility Study
  • Headspace South West Business Modelling (2012)
  • Mildura Rural City Council (2014), The State of Mildura Rural City’s Children & Young People 2014 Report