Organisational Development including Strategic Planning & Governance


Local Logic Place has supported the breadth of organisations with their organisational development needs including government agencies, private organisations, not-for-profits and community groups. We work in partnership to support organisations identify and realise their long term goals and to apply strategy, practice and procedure in achieving these goals.

Local Logic Place can assist with strategic planning – supporting an organisation or group in identifying market needs, recognising its strengths in meeting these needs, defining its strategy or direction, and making decisions on resource allocation to pursue this strategy.

Local Logic Place can also assist with the specifics of action planning – identifying and enabling the sequence of steps that must be taken, or activities that must be performed well, for a strategy to succeed.

Similarly Local Logic Place can facilitate the overarching conversations of governance – to make explicit and understood the structures, processes and relationships that determine how a group of people organise themselves and makes decisions. We can assist organisations to develop or review group membership, authority, decision-making rules and relationships both within and outside the group to ensure good governance.

Examples of Our Work and Links

  • Mallee Track Health and Community Services (2014), Kindergarten Cluster Management Manual
  • Organisational Strategic Planning Workshop for Murray Human Services
  • Swan Hill Neighbourhood House (2013 and 2014), Strategic Plans
  • Mallee Network of Neighbourhood Houses (2014), Annual Plan
  • Robinvale Euston Community Alliance (2015), Governance Workshops